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Orthoband Company

Orthoband Company has used its knowledge of materials, production methods and development skills to produce a line of extra-oral appliances that have made Orthoband the leader of extra oral products worldwide since 1957.

Head Gear

head gear Pre-Assembled, instant-fit, adjustable high-pull headgear with cushioned pad face bow guide. This appliance may be used against the maxillary arch to offset the potential of Class II elastics to extrude anterior dental segment, to aid in retraction mechanics, to reduce an anterior deep bite... Learn More

Tweed Head Gear

high pull head gearK/K High-Pull Headgear Pre-Assembled instant fit high pull headgear with cheek pads. This headgear is used in the workshops of the Charles H. Tweed Foundation, (12 per case) available in sizes: S, M, L, XL... Learn More

Traction Bands

traction bands Offering a wide variety of traction bands to fit all different shapes, sizes, and marterials. Cervical traction bands with pressure lock buckles, adjustable traction bands, and silky brushed micro fiber neckpads available... Learn More

Neck Pads

high head gearOffering a wide variety of neck pads to fit all different shapes, sizes, and marterials. Silky brushed micro fiber covered cheek pads, poly-plush covered foam cushioned neck pads, and more available... Learn More


head gear Offering a wide variety of accessories to fit all needs. Adjustment disc of polyethylene plastic for instant-fit headgear, orthoband shrink tubing, perforated headgear strapping, and more available... Learn More